SED Issues Survey For Feedback on Common Core

EliaACThe New York State Education Department has launched a webpage, AimHighNY, for the purpose of providing practitioner and community feedback on the Common Core Learning Standards in English language arts/literacy and math.

While addressing members on October 19 at the SAANYS Annual Conference in Rochester, Elia stressed that the survey provides an opportunity for every New Yorker to go online, review each standard and comment on what is liked, not liked, or offer a suggestion for a change to a particular standard. She asked all in attendance to take the survey and also to urge colleagues and their faculties to do the same. Later that day, SAANYS Executive Director Kevin Casey called on members to take advantage of this opportunity to provide feedback on the standards, providing the critical viewpoint of a school leader.

Here are some considerations about the survey:

  • This is not a “quick” survey. It is designed to receive information at a deep level. For example, it does not request over-all opinions, but rather specific information about each standard. If you do not think a standard is appropriate, you will have the opportunity recommend revisions to the standard or to re-write the standard. You may also indicate that you support one or more standards as they are currently constructed, without revision.
  • You will not have to complete the entire survey in one sitting. You can save information and later add to it until you have completed the survey.
  • We encourage you to confer with colleagues about the standards, and how they may be improved, but the survey is designed for information to be entered on a person-by-person basis. (You cannot, for example, enter information on the behalf of all the faculty and school administrators in your school.)
  • The full set of standards are available for your comment. You may comment on one or two standards or many standards.

Click here for the survey link and please pass this information on to your school community.