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Education Meets AI – Spring 2024

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A is for AI: Generative AI is Transforming the World, by Dennis Pierce read article

Vanguard Extras

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom, by Elizabeth M. Ross, Harvard Graduate School of Educationread article

Artificial Intelligence Professional Learning, by Shawn Hunzikerread article

Trending: “Lock It and Block It,” by Allison Renda-Pedrickread article

Creating PD for AI in the Classroom, by Wess Trabelsi read article

Five Tips for Implementing: Successful AI PD For Your Teachers, by Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo and Mike Davola – read article

Embracing AI from a Creative Lens: How Can AI Tools Inspire Educators and Promote Engaging Classroom Conversations?, by Audrey Gordonread article

Introducing AI to Tomorrow’s School Technology Leaders, by Mark Gura – read article


Leadership that Motivates, Inspires, and Engages Teachers and Staff – Fall/Winter 2023-2024

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Messy, Challenging, and Vital: Leading with Empathy by Kim M. Smithgall

A District’s Upstream Journey to Creating a Successful Social Emotional Learning Initiative by Dr. Paul Fanuele

Hats: Simple, Heartfelt Acts with Big Impacts by Pat Fontana

Vanguard Extras

Be the Change in Culture That You Want to See – By Paula Boughton
Inter-Class Visitations: Empowering Staff to Lead the Way (and One Another) – By Gary Karlson
Building a Culture of Teacher Leadership – By Carin L. Reeve
Tiny Moments: A Powerful Connector – By Jessica Zimmer


Better Student Experiences for Better Outcomes – Spring/Summer 2023

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Take a look inside: Interactive Spring/Summer Vanguard 2023

Better Student Experiences: Building a Culture of Caring – by Kim M. Smithgall

An Interview with Dr. Thomas Guskey: Making The Grade – by Pat Fontana

Vanguard Extras – More on Better Student Experiences

Positive Student Experience – By Donna McGuire

How Many Retakes Should Students Get? – Edutopia


What Keeps Us Stuck – Winter 2023

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An Interview with Peter DeWitt: Demystifying De-Implementation

Vanguard Extras – More on What Keeps Us Stuck

What Keeps Administrators Unstuck – By John Trotta


Voice – Fall 2022

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An Interview With Russell Quaglia: Giving Voice to Voice

Telling MY Story – Tim Baker

Vanguard Extras – More on Voice

How Educators Transformed Their School by Listening to Students


Impactful Work of DEI – Summer 2022

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All Means All – Two Districts Embark on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey

My Brother’s Keeper – Changing the Narrative

Vanguard Extras – More on Impactful Work of DEI 

The Novice Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

Supplemental Resource page


Under Pressure – Winter 2022

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A Day in the Life of a School Leader: “Every Day Is Just Survival Right Now”

SAANYS Survey: The Impact of COVID on School Administrators


Thriving In A Covid World – Fall 2021

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Moving from Surviving to Thriving with Dominique Smith and Dr. Romie Mushtaq

Mentoring and Networks


Vanguard Extras – More on Thriving In A Covid World 

It’s Time to Bundle Up

Leadership Strategy and Mindset

Staffing Challenges: Lessons Learned During Crises of 2020-2021

Principals Highlight Pandemic Innovations and How They Will Change Schools in the Future

Middle school is always hard — and the pandemic made it worse. Here’s what these kids need now.


Bouncing Back Better – Spring 2021

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Bouncing Back…Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead

Reflecting, Reconnecting and Moving Forward


Vanguard Extras – More Best Practices 

Pandemic and Postpandemic Pursuits of Equity and Inclusion

Lessons Learned

Applying Progressive Teaching Practices to the Postpandemic Era

The Pandemic Taught Us New Lessons That Strengthened Our Teaching

Seven Rs for Building Back the Three Rs During Covid

Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Positive Impacts

Move to Trash: Five pandemic-era education practices that deserve to be dumped in the dustbin
Education Next


Remote Learning – Fall/Winter 2020

A special edition in partnership with NYSCATE

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Eric Sheninger on … Digital Leadership Today

Hybrid Learning: Timely and Timeless


Vanguard Extras – More on Remote Learning

Equity and Neuroscience in the Year of COVID-19

Bringing Teachers Together Virtually

Spotlight on Bilingualism and Remote Learning

All-remote learning is failing many students all across the country: “These children are struggling”


SAANYS Connect – Improving Remote Learning Part 1


SAANYS Connect – Improving Remote Learning Part 2

Student Engagement – Spring 2020

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Leading: A Culture of Engagement

The [NEW] Rules of Engagement: Keeping Students On Track in a Virtual World

Finding Renewed Purpose Through Engagement


Reflective Leadership – Winter 2020

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Why Leaders Need Brain Breaks
School Leadership: Past, Present, and Future


 Vanguard Extras – More on Reflective Leadership

Peaceful Schools, Peaceful Leaders, By Carin L. Reeve

The Harsh Truth Behind Why Your Leadership Is Failing, Inc.
Top leaders are shifting the business focus back to the most critical component — people.


Special Education – Fall 2019

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Today’s Special Education
Co-Teaching: Transforming the Standard Classroom Experience
What’s Next? Life After High School for Our Special Education Population
Top Assistive Technology Products for Schools

Vanguard Extras – More on Special Education

Bank Began Hiring People With Disabilities 20 Years Ago, And It Paid Off

Assistive Technology for Reading


Social and Emotional Learning – Spring 2019

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Leading A Social Emotional Learning Environment

ESTEAM: Empathy and Innovation Working Hand in Hand


Vanguard Extras – More on Social and Emotional Learning 

SEL Practices in North Rockland CSD – Mary S. Esposito

Building Opportunities for Equity: Social Emotional Learning with Breakfast – Hunger Solutions New York

Parent Survey Islip Middle School – (Martin & Miltenberg)

Student Survey Islip Middle School – (Martin & Miltenberg)

Teacher Survey Islip Middle School – (Martin & Miltenberg)

Teachers Support Social-Emotional Learning, But Say Students in Distress Strain Their SkillsEducation Week


New Pathways: Innovative Models for Success – Winter 2019

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Project-based Learning: Transforming the Standard Classroom Experience

PTECH: A Pathway to Student Success

 Vanguard Extras – More on Project-based Learning 

How Vocational Education Got a 21st Century Reboot – Politico

“Inside McKinley”: how a school overcame scrutiny to become a model for state – WKBW Buffalo

Preparing Learners in the Age of Automation: Project-Based Learning as a Pedagogical Approach

Effective PD for Project Based Learning – PBL Works

There is Not Only One Road to Success – The Principal of Change, George Couros


Diversity & Equity In Our Schools – Fall 2018

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The School Equity Challenge

Looking Inward: Embracing Inclusive and Diverse Practices in Our Schools

 Vanguard Extras –More on Diversity and Equity 

We need black men to step up and become teachers – News

How I Talk to My White Preservice Teachers About Diversity – Education Week Teacher

Children Come to School Holding Stereotypes. Teachers Can Help Break Them – Education Week Teacher


Student Mental Health: SPECIAL EDITION – Winter/Spring 2018

Screenshot 2018-04-13 14.50.12

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Mental Health: The Impact of Trauma

A Tale of Two Districts: Broad Approaches to Meeting Students’ Mental Health Needs

Today’s Students: Bullying and Social Anxiety with a Virtual Twist

Vanguard Extras –More on Student Mental Health in the Resources section of our website.


Telling Our Story: The Success of Public Schools – Fall 2017

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Using Strategic Communications to Tell Your Story

Real Engagement Is the Secret for Schools of Excellence

50 Myths and Lies That Threaten Our Public Schools

 Vanguard Extras –More on the Success of Public Schools

Why do you love public education?


The State of the Profession – Spring/Summer 2017

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New York’s Principal Preparation Project

Building Relationships: The Ithaca Story

Why We Failed: An Interview with Lonnie Palmer

 Vanguard Extras –More on the State of the Profession

What It Takes to Operate and Maintain Principal Pipelines


Boots On The Ground: Getting The Job Done – Winter 2017


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Feedback: A Critical Skill for New Leaders

Leading Change: The Transformation of Poughkeepsie High School


Vanguard Extras – More on Getting The Job Done

Expect the Unexpected in Educational Leadership

By: Amy Irwin

Navigating the First Years…Six Tips to Keep You Swimming

By: Kelly Williams and Kathleen Moore

Time to Reboot: Redefining Human Resource’s Role, A Human Capital Strategy for Urban District

By: Mr. Michael LcLymore, Dr. Pedro Roman, and Dr. Roberto Padilla

Creating a Culture of Peace

By: Johane Ligondé


Beyond Surviving to Thriving Issue – Fall 2016


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Collaborative Leadership: Six Influences That Matter Most

Sue Szachowicz’s Story: Brockton’s Fight for Student Success


 Vanguard Extras – More Ideas on Thriving

Reaching Hard to Reach Children Through Equine Assisted Learning

By: John Sawchuck

Meaningful Discipline

By: Raymond Bailey

Zi3: The Zone for Imagination, Innovation, and Inspiration

By Eric Coriale, Rocco Migliori, and Joanne Shelmidine

Next Generation School DesignEducation Week


Great Ideas Issue – Spring/Summer 2016


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Stop Separating. Start Collaborating.

Rethink Everything: Sparking Transformational Conversations In Your School


 Vanguard Extras – More Great Ideas

Plunge into Flipping! An Instructional Strategy for 21st Century Learning

by: Dr. Julie Norflus-Good

The Science of Gratitude: Implications for School Leadership

by: Joe McDonough

Professional Development Do’s and Don’ts
by: Christopher J Pellettieri


Supporting English Language Learners – Winter 2016

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Igniting Education for ELLs

A Champion of Education: Building Schools, Creating Hope


 Vanguard Extras – More on Supporting ELLs/ENLs

Response: Ways to Support ELLs With Special Needs

By: Larry Ferlazzo for Education Week Teacher

Immigrant Influxes Put U.S. Schools to the Test

By:  for Education Week

Best Practice for English Language Learners

By Katie Suhr, M.S. Ed., Second Grade Teacher, former Spanish and ESL teacher and Vanessa McDonagh, M.P.S. Ed., Academic Intervention Specialist for Reading – CairoDurham, Elementary School, Cairo, New Yor

Imagine Learning’s Strategies for Supporting ELLs’ Success

Gifted ELL students often overlooked – By: Alison DeNisco for District Administration


RejuvenatED – Fall 2015

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Stepping Outside of our Comfort Zone andJumping into Pixar in a Box

David Berliner on “50 Myths and Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools”


 Vanguard Extras – More on RejuvenatED …

Seven Steps to Emotional Intelligence
By: Marie Cianca, Ed.D. and Shannon Cleverley-Thompson, Ed.D., Executive Leadership Doctoral Program, St. John Fisher College

This Year, I Am a Cheerleader
By: Joanna Kletter, Principal, School 4, Oceanside School District, Oceanside, New York

New Paths to Effective Leadership
By: Pete Reilly,

Learn how Pixar artists use math & science to create believable hair, trees & clothing in our new simulation lesson.


Innovative Practices for Global Schools – Spring 2015


Download Vanguard Spring 2015.

What Is Global Education?

BOCES – Ecosystems for Innovation

 Vanguard Extras – More on Global Schools …

You are a global educator. It’s time to start thinking like one

Teaching Global Competence: Lessons and Strategies From Hong Kong

Education Week Blog

A New York District’s Journey to a Data-Driven Culture
An interview with Kimberly Moritz, Superintendent of Schools at Randolph Central School District, Western New York


Instructional Leadership – Winter 2015


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– Road Signs and Guideposts: Advice from Today’s Top Instructional Leaders

– What Do We Do About Data?

Vanguard Extras – More on Instructional Leadership …

For Principals, Continuous Learning Critical to Career Success – Education Week

Social Capital: Fostering Teacher Learning & Student Success – William Bohen

Additional Resources from Doug Fischer & Nancy Frey


True Impact – Fall 2014


Click here to download the Fall 2014 issue.

– Becoming the Lead Learner: An Interview with Michael Fullan

– The Mindful Leader

Vanguard Extras – More on True Impact …

Mindfulness (Fall 14 issue)

13 Things Mindful People Do Differently Every Day
Click here to read this Huffington Post article.

“Attention Must Be Paid”
‘Focus,’ by Daniel Goleman in New York Timesclick here

The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University …
offers a number of resources on mindfulness in the classroom and how these same practices can greatly enhance classroom learning … click here

Bonus Interview with Megan Cowan …
co-founder and program director of Mindful Schools in Emeryville, California

Mindset (Fall 14 issue)

Carol Dweck Revisits the ‘Growth Mindset’
Click here to read this article by Carol Dweck in Education Week, published September 23, 2015

Mindsets and Equitable Education
Click here to read this article by Carol Dweck that first appeared in Principal Leadership.

Resource materials from Paul Fanuele, executive principal at Arlington High School.
The team at Arlington HS has implemented practices from Carol Dweck’s Mindset. Paul has contributed to the Fall 2014 issue of Practices and presented at the 2014 SAANYS Annual Conference on this topic.

Mindset Presentation – 2014 SAANYS Conference

Parent handout on growth mindset and student success.