NYS Educational Conference Board (ECB) Releases Annual Factsheet on the State of School Aid

The The New York State Educational Conference Board (ECB), of which SAANYS is a member, released its annual finance paper that strenuously opposes any budgetary cuts to schools. The paper takes a hard look at the impact of any decreases and the financial stress under which schools are operating. A few highlights are as follow:

  • The enacted state budget already reduced state support for schools for 2020-21 by $1.1 billion through the Pandemic Adjustment.
  • A 20% state aid cut represents a $5.2 billion loss of funding. No matter how such a reduction is distributed, it would be devastating for schools.
  • A 20% reduction in state aid is roughly double the size of any other state aid cut in history.
  • Mid-year cuts are especially disruptive to students and districts’ fiscal stability.
  • A reduction of 20% in state aid would bring the state’s share of school funding to a historic low.

SAANYS Executive Director Kevin Casey noted, “Building level administrators and programs leaders work tirelessly to provide instruction and support to students, staff and the community at large during this critical pandemic period. Since March they have risked their own health and worked non-stop to ensure the wellbeing of students and staff. These are serious times and we must provide schools and their leaders with needed resources. We understand the economic crisis facing this state, but more fully understand that we must find a way to sustain schools.”

Read the full report here.