Educational Conference Board on School Funding

Member organizations of the New York State Educational Conference Board (NYSECB), of which SAANYS is a member, have come together to express concern regarding the troublesome proposals in the executive budget that would change the way schools
in our state are funded.

The executive budget proposal to stop using the current Consumer Price Index (CPI), this year it is 3.8 percent, and
instead, begin using a 10-year rolling average of 2.4 percent will underfund the Foundation Aid formula, which is
the main driver of both school aid in our state and the distribution of equitable state aid funding. Read the statement here.

The ECB has also issued a detailed paper on funding and foundation aid, including three key recommendations: 1) Continue fully funding Foundation Aid and empower and support SED to review and update the formula; 2) Re-establish a “Growth Aid” formula to support mid-year student enrollment increases; and 3) Invest in priority areas of student need. Read more here.