Retirement Services


Whether plans include traveling the country, starting a business, or continuing in the field of education, SAANYS has multiple resources to support your dreams. Click here to download the SAANYS Retirement Brochure.

Review the various levels of membership available to retirees at the bottom of this page.


SAANYS 2019 Retiree Student Scholarships

Open to any high school senior graduating in June 2019. Applicants must be sponsored by a current SAANYS active retiree, affiliate retiree, or associate retiree member in good standing. Students must have demonstrated good school and community citizenship, are planning to go on to higher education, and who otherwise satisfy criteria by the SAANYS Retiree Scholarship committee. Students are responsible for seeing that the forms are accurately and completely filled out. The SAANYS Retiree Board reserves the right to not process applications found to be incomplete as of the application deadline.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.08.18 PMAccess the online application form here.
Download the MSWord application form here.
Download the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.


News and Resources for Retirees

Health Insurance Victory for Retiree Member

Financial Planning and Related Insurances Offered Through AXA Equitable
Members can receive competitive rates on life, disability, long-term care, and more. In addition, a full array of retirement services is available, including a complimentary financial profile and comprehensive financial planning services. Here is a sample of the financial profile you could receive by taking advantage of this valuable member benefit.

Visit AXA to learn more,  or use the dedicated SAANYS member line by calling: 1-866-401-3030, option 8.

Abenity Travel Center
A feature of the Abenity Member Discount Program
Save on airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more

SAANYS Personal Legal Plan
Includes a simple will, a power of attorney, a living will, a health care proxy, + more

OPWDD’s Senior Companion Program
The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities’s (OPWDD) Senior Companion Program is an outstanding program that partners New York State seniors with adults with developmental disabilities.

reitreetestBattleground: Retirement Health Insurance
A Big Victory for SAANYS Retirees


Retiree Committee

Name: Bob Allen
Title: Committee Member, Syracuse City
Phone: (315) 727-4974

Name: Howard Bernstein
Title: Committee Member, Region 2
Phone: (516) 377-1271

Name: Donald Brunswick
Title: Committee Member, Region 9
Phone: (607) 655-2400

Name: David Dudgeon
Title: Committee Member, Region 8
Phone: (315) 866-7578

Name: W. Bruce Gorman
Title: Committee Member, Region 11
Phone: (585) 244-2387

Name: Harry LeFevre
Title: Committee Member, Region 5
Phone: (845) 429-6504

Name: Paul Lindsley
Title: Committee Member, Rochester City
Phone: (585) 752-6276

Name: Joe Longobardi
Title: Committee Member, Region 4
Phone: (914) 245-7648

Name: Doug Regan
Title: Committee Member, Region 12
Phone: (716) 626-0980

Name: Dominick Sabatino
Title: Committee Member, Region 10
Phone: (315) 468-1551

Name: Vince Veglia
Title: Committee Member, Region 1
Phone: (631) 928-0108

Title: Committee Member, Region 7

Levels of Retiree Membership

Retired Associate Membership ($40)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors. Retired Associate members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, and legislative representation.

Retired Affiliate Membership ($125)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors who have maintained continuous regular or retired active membership. Retired Affiliate members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, legislative representation, basic life insurance options, and complementary membership in the New York State Retired Teachers Association (NYSRTA).

Retired Active Membership ($250)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors who maintained continuous regular active membership. Retired Active members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, legislative representation, basic life insurance and options, NYSRTA membership, and legal department services for post-retirement educational employment (including individual contract review and representation on job related matters), and representation on NYS Teachers Retirement System benefit determination issues.