Congratulations SAANYS 2022 Retiree Student Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to Cody Gibbs from Arlington CSD, on winning a SAANYS 2022 Retiree Student Scholarship! Pictured here with Regional Representative Linda Melton-Mann.




Autumn Madugno has also received a SAANYS Retiree Scholarship. Autumn is a graduate of Bainbridge-Guilford HS. She is pictured here with Regional Representative Michele Shirkey.



SAANYS Retiree Scholarship – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is eligible to nominate a student for this scholarship?

A. All SAANYS Retiree Members in good standing paying dues at the following 3 membership levels: Retiree Active, Retiree Affiliate, Retiree Associate.

Q. I’m an active SAANYS member.  Can I nominate someone?

A. No, however SAANYS allocates scholarship money for each region annually. Contact your Regional Representative for details about the SAANYS Scholarship opportunities in your region. THIS SCHOLARSHIP REQUIRES NOMINATION BY A DUES-PAYING RETIREE ACTIVE, RETIREE AFFILIATE, OR RETIREE ASSOCIATE MEMBER.

Q. How many students will be selected and what is the value of the scholarship?

A. SAANYS has allocated $2000 for the Retiree Scholarship. The selection committee anticipates selecting 2-4 scholarship recipients from the applicant pool.  Therefore, we anticipate awards between $500-$1000 each.

Q. Which students are eligible?

A. A student graduating from a New York State Public High School and enrolling in an accredited College or University (in or out of state).

Q. Does the student have to be enrolling in or majoring in a program related to education or teacher preparation?

A. No.

Q. The application asks for standardized test scores.  I took the SAT but not the ACT.  Do I have to take the ACT to be considered for this scholarship?

A. No. If you took a college entrance exam (SAT, ACT, other) please list the scores. If you did not take one or more of the exams leave blank or write N/A.  The application is reviewed as a comprehensive document.  No one area is considered more important.

Q. When will the recipients be notified?

A. We anticipate by early June.

Q. I was a SAANYS member but let my membership lapse when I retired. Can I rejoin SAANYS?

A. Yes. Please contact the membership office at SAANYS at 518-782-0600 or

Q. Can I submit a paper form? 

A. No, all applications must be submitted electronically.

Q. Can I submit my application and update it later to add the supporting documents (transcript, two letters of reference – one of which must be from the sponsor)? 

A. No, all supporting documents MUST be submitted at the time you fill in the application – either electronically or by mail. You must log into your Google account in order to upload supporting documents if using the online submission form.

Q. What if I have questions that don’t appear here?

A. Feel free to email Dr. Frederick Kirsch, Retiree Advisory Board member, at


Whether plans include traveling the country, starting a business, or continuing in the field of education, SAANYS has multiple resources to support your dreams. Download the SAANYS Retirement brochure here.


Review these various levels of membership when thinking about retirement and contact the SAANYS Membership Office at 518-782-0600 with any questions. You may also email

Retiree Membership

Retired Active (Must join directly from a Regular Active Membership.)

  • Includes Legal Services (including representation for post-retirement administrative employment).
  • Legislative representation.
  • Free basic $10,000 life insurance for life (reductions at ages 65 and 70).
  • Tier 2 life insurance coverage (if carried prior to retirement).
  • Insurance programs at SAANYS group rates (eligibility varies by program).
  • NASSP & NAESP memberships at reduced rates.
  • All publications.
  • Financial and retirement planning.
  • Purchasing power and discount programs.
  • Regional retirement activities.
  • Voucher for membership in New York State Retired Teachers Association.

Retired Affiliate (Must join directly from a Regular Active or Retired Active Membership.)

  • All of the above, except legal services.

Retired Associate

  • Legislative representation.
  • Insurance programs at SAANYS group rates (eligibility varies by program).
  • NASSP & NAESP memberships at reduced rates.
  • Publications.
  • Financial and retirement planning options through Equitable.
  • Purchasing power and discount programs.
  • Regional retirement activities.

Resources from the New York State Teachers Retirement System

We hope you were able to join us for the virtual SAANYS Retirement Planning Workshop with NYS Teachers Retirement System. If you need more information please note there are resources available on the NYS Teachers Retirement System website PREP section: The various PREP modules have been recorded and are available to view at any time.

SAANYS business partner, Equitable Advisors, offers financial planning, a free financial profile to SAANYS members, and related insurances. Equitable has a long-standing presence in New York. Equitable services over 800 public school retirement plans across the state, with more than 62,000 participants. Through existing relationships with these school districts, Equitable is able to effectively provide coverage for members of SAANYS.



Resources for Retirees

Health Insurance Victory for Retiree Member

Financial Planning and Related Insurances Offered Through Equitable
Members can receive competitive rates on life, disability, long-term care, and more. In addition, a full array of retirement services is available, including a complimentary financial profile and comprehensive financial planning services.

Visit Equitable to learn more,  or use the dedicated SAANYS member line by calling: 1-866-401-3030, option 8.

Abenity Travel Center
A feature of the Abenity Member Discount Program
Save on airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more

SAANYS Personal Legal Plan
Includes a simple will, a power of attorney, a living will, a health care proxy, + more

OPWDD’s Senior Companion Program
The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities’ (OPWDD) Senior Companion Program is an outstanding program that partners New York State seniors with adults with developmental disabilities.

reitreetestBattleground: Retirement Health Insurance
A Big Victory for SAANYS Retirees


Retiree Committee

Name: Bob Allen
Title: Committee Member, Syracuse City
Phone: (315) 727-4974

Name: Howard Bernstein
Title: Committee Member, Region 2
Phone: (516) 377-1271

Name: Tammy Ivan
Title: Committee Member, Region 9
Phone: (607) 760-3896

Name: Frank Sutliff
Title: Committee Member, Region 8
Phone: (315) 717-2698

Name: W. Bruce Gorman
Title: Committee Chair, Region 11
Phone: (585) 244-2387

Name: Harry LeFevre
Title: Committee Member, Region 5
Phone: (845) 429-6504

Name: Karen Urbanski
Title: Committee Member, Region 6
Phone: (518) 437-1533

Name: Bettyjean Callon
Title: Committee Member, Rochester City
Phone: (585) 469-5196

Name: Joe Longobardi
Title: Committee Member, Region 4
Phone: (914) 245-7648

Name: Doug Regan
Title: Committee Vice Chair, Region 12
Phone: (716) 626-0980

Name: Frederick Kirsch
Title: Committee Member, Region 10
Phone: (315) 560-5152

Name: Jose Suarez
Title: Committee Member, Region 1
Phone: (516) 443-6153

Name: TBD
Title: Committee Member, Region 7

Levels of Retiree Membership

Retired Associate Membership ($40)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors. Retired Associate members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, and legislative representation.

Retired Affiliate Membership ($125)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors who have maintained continuous regular or retired active membership. Retired Affiliate members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, legislative representation, basic life insurance options, and complementary membership in the New York State Retired Teachers Association (NYSRTA).

Retired Active Membership ($250)

is open to retired school administrators and supervisors who maintained continuous regular active membership. Retired Active members are eligible to receive publications, discounts, website access, legislative representation, basic life insurance and options, NYSRTA membership, and legal department services for post-retirement educational employment (including individual contract review and representation on job related matters), and representation on NYS Teachers Retirement System benefit determination issues.