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Student Loan Forgiveness

There are a number of Student Loan Forgiveness options available to New York State educators, but sorting through all of them can be a challenge. Let us help you navigate the requirements by going over who may be eligible, how you may be able to qualify, all the way to how to submit the paperwork.

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Pension Maximization

Pension Maximization is a retirement planning strategy that can secure a maximum pension benefit for you, while still providing for a spouse/family benefit. This presentation reviews how the strategy works, the decisions that are required at retirement for pension plan participants, and the importance of planning early.

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Basics of Taxes

The seminar provides an overview of basic tax concepts including pre- and post-tax definitions, Roth options for savings alternatives, and others.

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Your Family, Your Future

This seminar will go over some ideas to best help you prioritize your goals and provide balance for your future.

The Family Love Letter

The Family Love Letter helps to coordinate all of the important estate planning strategies if sudden incapacitation or death should occur, so that an emotionally trying time doesn’t become unduly burdensome.

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