URGENT: Dangerous Reforms May Be Enacted w/ Budget Come April 1

Public educators and students may not have the legislative support needed to stop Cuomo’s “Reform Agenda”  

What’s at stake …

  • The weight of the state exams could increase to 50 percent!
  • Cuomo wants outside “experts” to evaluate your teachers
  • The attainment of tenure will take five years, if one is consistently rated “highly effective” – an attempt to eradicate due process for educators
  • Failing schools will be assigned a Receiver with unbounded authority

What you need to do NOW …

Contact your legislators before it’s too late!

Use the link below to access our new, easy-to-use Action Center to write your legislators immediately!

Action Center tools …
1. A pre-written letter regarding misguided reforms to APPR. Enter your zip code and send.
2. An outline of SAANYS’ positions and talking points on the proposed reform agenda. You can craft your own letter and send it directly to your legislators.

Access the SAANYS Legislative Action Center here!