State Guidance on Pre-K – 12 End of Academic Year Celebration Events, including Graduations

Superintendents and building administrators have expressed a need to have additional guidance and clarification regarding the prevailing guidance for graduations and other end-of-year events. Our organizations received multiple requests from members to advocate for adjustments to capacity limits set in the state’s April 27 guidance on end-of-year events.

Earlier this week, New York State Health Department staff held the latest in a series of regularly scheduled meetings with representatives of schools and local health agencies. The NYSDOH staff outlined the guidance they deem applicable to end-of-year school events. But previously published guidance documents did not clearly state the interpretations NYSDOH provided.

Our groups and others then met with the Governor’s Office to provide the perspectives of our members and make sure we had an accurate understanding of the state’s intended policy.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, the Governor’s Office released this brief summary of applicable guidance for school districts that directly addresses graduation and other end-of-year events. Although this guidance may not be our preferred interpretation, it does provide a clear direction for such events.

Read the summary from the Governor’s Office here.