Probationary Tenure Bill Passes Senate

The Senate has passed S.6090-a, which would reduce the probationary tenure period for school administrators from four to three years.

SAANYS has worked diligently with legislators over the past few years to bring attention and urgency to this bill. We know how critical it is to retain school leaders and this bill is one way to meet that goal. SAANYS’ Government Relations Committee has raised this issue at each meeting with legislators and has stressed how important this bill is to our members. Additionally, SAANYS has included this issue as part of our legislative agenda.

The bill would reduce the probationary tenure period from four years to three years for principals, supervisors, and members of district supervisory staff who have received tenure in another district in the state, their current school district, or BOCES. This reduction would not be available to persons who have been dismissed. This bill proposes that a person who has been granted tenure previously would have a shorter probationary period than someone who has never been tenured as a principal, administrator, or eligible supervisor.

The work of the Senate on this bill is very appreciated. The next step is for the Assembly to act, which is expected to occur shortly, and we are working with leadership and staff to advance the bill out of the Assembly and to the governor’s desk for signing.