Intentional & Strategic Leadership

Vanguard Magazine Call for Submissions

Each year, many leaders work with their teams to create goals they hope will solve their biggest issues. Unfortunately, moving those goals from the aspiration stage to actual practice is hard. There are a multitude of variables, human conditions, and details between the start and finish lines.

We know, however, that it starts with leadership – including mindset and internal and external self-awareness. To ensure priorities and actions are specific and aligned, leaders need systems in place. Without systems, and intentional leadership moves within those systems, strategic plans are at risk of failing, which leads to burnout and initiative fatigue.

In this issue of Vanguard, we invite you to share your experiences and best practices that contribute to intentionally leading your team from concept to practice for deeper impact on student learning and the school community. Share with colleagues strategies that worked and pitfalls that became learning opportunities. Vanguard is all about fostering our community of leaders around the practical and research-based steps they take to be successful, and your colleagues need to hear from you.

From a practical standpoint, this issue will also feature planning and organizational tips and tools. Using AI to minimize workload and maximize impact? What leadership actions do you take that give you the biggest bang for your buck? What successful systems have you set up that foster leading with intention? Add to Vanguard’s “Practitioner’s Toolbox” with your quick tips.

Submit articles and/or Toolbox Tips to by July 18. Please keep any submissions to 1,500 words or less.