Grades 3-8 Assessment Data Released

Message from Deputy Commissioner Ken Wagner:


In response to feedback and requests from teachers, principals, and superintendents, the Department has authorized the early release of instructional reports for the 2014 Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Testing Program.  These reports can be accessed via your Regional Information Center (RIC) and/or Level 1 data center.  Report availability will be determined by your RIC / Level 1*.

Please note that these reports will be based on raw scores only.  They will not include scale scores or performance levels until the statewide results are released later this summer.

See attached for more information.

If you have questions about these instructional reports, please contact the Office of Information and Reporting Services at or your RIC or your Big 5 city school district data center at

Link: Grades 3-8 Assessment Data Released 

File: Early Release of Instructional Reports – 7-23-14Early Release of Instructional Reports – 7-23-14Early Release of Instructional Reports – 7-23-14


 The New York City Department of Education and the Yonkers school district serve as their own Level 1 data center and will have different reporting solutions and time lines.