Governor VETOS Probationary Tenure Bill

On December 21, 2018 Governor Cuomo vetoed S.6090/A.8108 that would have reduced the probationary tenure period for certain administrators from the current four years to three years.

The proposed legislation would have provided certain principals, administrators, supervisors, or other members of the supervising staff transitioning to a new position a reduced probationary period of three years, instead of the currently mandated four years. The bill was specific to administrators who had been granted tenure in a previous school district, the current school district of employment, or a board of cooperative educational services. Currently, a shortened probationary period is allowable for teachers in similar situations and the proposed legislation would have provided equitable processes for both teachers and school administrators. If enacted, the bill would have taken effect immediately.

The bill was vetoed as a result of perceived deleterious effects on school districts such as acquisition of tenure by estoppel and limited applicability to certain school districts. We disagree with the conclusion, but will continue to seek passage of a bill that would create equity between teachers and principals.