Call for Submissions: SAANYS’ Vanguard Magazine

Boots on the Ground – Getting the Job Done

“The principalship: It’s not a job; it’s a lifestyle,” commented one school leader in a recent Education Week article. Whether you are a principal or school administrator of another title, you know that the demands on today’s educational leaders are increasing and the job is more complex. However, there are also more opportunities for learning from one another and sharing best practices to help get the job done, and done well. We’ll do that here, in this issue of Vanguard.walking-admin
Whether you are a relatively new administrator who just learned a few things the hard way, or an experienced leader who has had time as a teacher, share with your colleagues lessons learned in areas such as:

  • How to find the right fit when looking for a principalship or new administrative position
  • Navigating the first years
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Moving change as a new leader, taking chances
  • Using the data
  • Relationships (board / superintendent / teachers / parents)
  • Managing disfunction / politics / developing a team
  • Making the work manageable / maximizing instructional time / efficient meetings
  • Retirees: What I wish I knew then …

Submit your article by January 25 to We are seeking best practices (no research papers please) that are no longer than 1,500 words in length.