Board Of Regents Adopts 2017 Budget And Legislative Priorities And Approves State Aid Request For the 2017-2018 School Year

Regents Call for Phasing in Foundation Aid Over the Next Three Years

Regents Propose $2.1 Billion Increase in Funding for Schools

Board Advocates for Streamlining Pre-K Programming, Continued Funding for Monitors in East Ramapo, and Reinstating Language Other than English Assessments and Other Assessment Translations

Video & Audio of Commissioner Elia Discussing Proposals Available

The New York State Board of Regents today called for phasing in Foundation Aid over the next three years, proposed $1.8 billion increase in Foundation aid and $290 million in priority investments as part of the Board’s 2017-2018 State Aid Proposal. In addition, the Board adopted its P-12 and Higher Education Budget and Legislative Priorities, which include streamlining the state’s seven distinct prekindergarten programs, continued funding for the monitors in East Ramapo and resources and tools to better support English Language Learner students. The Board’s priorities also reaffirm its commitment to ensuring all of New York’s students have equal opportunity and access to higher education with its support for the DREAMers Act.

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