SED Announces Error Impacting the State Provided Growth Score for Certain Principals

SED announced that its SPGS vendor (American Institutes for Research or “AIR”) inadvertently excluded some students from its calculations, thereby impacting the SPGS of about 200 – 300 principals, almost exclusively in grades 9-12. Based on the content of the impacted principals’ collective bargaining agreements, it is possible that subcomponent two (i.e., locally selected measures) of the Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPRs) may also be affected. We have been informed that no teacher SPGS were impacted by this error.

Those that are impacted will have their scores recalculated. To ensure no educator is negatively impacted by this error, SED has instructed districts and BOCES to report changed subcomponent or composite scores and ratings to SED only if the revised score or rating is higher than the score or rating originally submitted for an individual’s APPR. Districts and BOCES have been instructed to notify by February 12, 2016 any educator who has been impacted.

Questions to SED should be directed to, and questions to SAANYS may be directed to either Don Nickson at or Jim Viola at

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