Regents Approve New Evaluation System — POLITICO New York

The state Board of Regents voted Wednesday to approve a teacher evaluation system supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo, with the implementation of a few changes such as an appeal process. After much debate, the Regents voted 10 to 6 in favor of the regulation, which the legislature put into place on an emergency basis at the end of session. The regulations will now go out for public comment and come back to the board for its December meeting. Regent Judith Chin was among the dissenters. ‘We have a flawed evaluation system that will only further deteriorate public schools, so I cannot in my conscience vote ‘yes’ on something that is not credible,’ she said. On the other side, Roger Tilles said he agreed changes were needed, but he voted to approve the system because districts could lose state and even federal funding. ‘I’m not willing to take that chance,’ he said.

By: Keshia Clukey, POLITICO New York