News from NYSED

SED has released a revised Handbook for Summer School: Administrators and Principals 2021. SED is encouraging school districts to think creatively about the design and mode of instruction during the summer months. In addition to integrating academic, recreational, cultural, and enrichment components, SED is also encouraging incorporating socio-emotional components. Some highlights from the handbook include:

• Allowance for in-person, remote, or hybrid experiences.

• Requirements for appropriately certified teachers.

• Requirements for certified principals (depending on which model of summer school is employed).

• Elementary schools must provide at least one hour of instruction and no more than 5 hours.

• Secondary schools must provide at least one hour of instruction, but no more than 5.5 hours.

• Schools may provide non-instructional activities beyond the 5 and 5.5 hours respectively, but those hours will not be aidable.

• Should districts offer online or blended models, all participating students must have access to appropriate digital learning devices and internet connectivity.

• July 1 is the first day of summer school that generates state aid. State aid will not be generated after August 31.

• The handbook provides additional information on health services, resident/non-resident students, services for ELL and SWD students, reporting requirements, driver and traffic education, DTSE in-vehicle instruction, and course requirements for credit.