Micro-cluster strategy and associated guidance

The links below provide the most recent information on the use of the micro-cluster strategy and school district requirements. Taken together they provide a framework for understanding how zones are determined, zone restrictions, and required testing.


1. Micro Cluster Strategy  – this link describes how a region becomes a zone and limitations for each zone. This is not specific to schools, but rather discusses the entire micro-cluster strategy.

2. Guidance for schools in red and orange zones  – Guidance on closing and reopening schools in red and orange zones.

3. Interim Guidance  – This is the first guidance on what is required of schools in yellow zones.

4. Supplemental Guidance – This is an addendum to #2 and goes into a bit more detail on who can test in schools.

5. Additional Addendum to the Supplement – this provides more information on testing for schools and when such testing may be discontinued.