Education Meets AI – Call for Vanguard Submissions

“Every employee needs AI aptitude. The pace of work is outpacing our ability to keep up. AI is poised to create a whole new way of working.” – Microsoft Work Trends Report

Just as the term “Google it” changed the face of education, the workplace, and ordinary life, AI (artificial intelligence) is quickly proving to be the next iteration of the digital age.

We’re already using it – facial recognition, Grammarly, and those virtual help assistants are a part of life now, but what does this next phase of AI look like in our schools? What is its potential for enhancing learning, personalization, and accessibility? How is it already being used? How do we manage it? How can teachers use it to enhance their work? How do we guide student use?

If the role of education is to prepare students for the future workforce, then as Microsoft suggests, we cannot ignore the impact and importance of generative AI. The “lock it and block it” strategy cannot work – this powerful tool is here to stay.

This issue of Vanguard will explore the enormous potential AI has for education – taking our human intelligence skills of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to the next level. It’s also important to explore the fears, cautions, and strategies for channeling AI in productive ways.

Share your ideas and strategies with your colleagues by submitting articles to by April 8 (deadline extended). Please keep articles to 1,500 words or less.