ECB Request a $2.0 Billion State Aid Increase for 2018-19 and Commitment to Foundation Aid

ECBECB is is issuing this set of recommendations designed to ensure that New York’s schools and its students have the resources needed to continue current programs and improve education with targeted funding for critical areas. ECB also calls for committing to the long-stalled Foundation Aid formula, so that all students can receive the education promised to them by the state Constitution. The organizations also continue to seek modifications to the tax cap that provide a greater degree of sustainability for our educational system.

Educational Conference Board School Finance Recommendations

Provide a $2.0 billion state aid increase for 2018-19.

• $1.5 billion to continue current school services, based on current projections for school costs and the tax cap.

• $500 million to address priorities such as supporting schools in receivership, college and career pathways and professional development.

Update the Foundation Aid formula and establish a firm timeline to fully phase it in.

• Conduct a new cost study to determine the amount needed to provide students with an education that prepares them for the future based on current factors.

• Revisit the formula weightings for poverty, disability, enrollment growth, English language learners, geographic sparsity and other factors.

• Fully phase-in the $4.2 billion currently owed to schools within three years.

Modify the tax cap to better reflect the fiscal realities of schools.

• Provide for an “allowable levy growth factor” of at least 2 percent rather than using CPI.

• Approve the BOCES capital cost exclusion and include PILOT properties in the tax base growth factor.

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