DMV Now Offering On-Line Knowledge Test Applications

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is offering an On-Line Knowledge Test Application.  This is a web-based system that allows students to take their permit test on-line and eliminate the need for a trip to the local DMV.  DMV is offering this to schools to help young people get their permits while saving families and parents time.

When the test is passed the results are electronically sent to DMV and a unique bar-coded receipt is available to print for the test taker to bring into the local DMV to have their permit processed.

This is offered to schools via a simple MOU.  Below are more details about this opportunity for your students.

All Your School Needs to Do:

·         Provide personal computers with internet access and at least one printer connected to those computers. OKTA is entirely web based.  No special software installation is required.  The application will guide the proctor through the entire process.

·         Have a local administrator designated at each location of the organization who would be responsible for managing the program at the individual location and be the liaison between the organization and DMV.

·         The local administrator appoints and maintains lists of test proctors for the location

·         The proctor verifies the student’s identity.

·         The proctor will be prompted to enter the student’s basic information (full name, DOB, address)

·         Once the test has been passed, the proctor will print out a bar-coded receipt that the student brings to a DMV office with his/her required proofs identification.

DMV will

  • Provide access to the application
  • Provide the necessary training material at no cost to the schools or students
  • Provide Ready Packs, which contains helpful information about ID proofs and road testing information
    • To apply for the permit after passing the test, the applicant must submit 6 points of identification including proof of date of birth and satisfy the Social Security requirement. If applying for a REAL ID or EDL the applicant must also submit proof of residency and proof of lawful status
  • Be available to answer any questions the administrators or proctors may have

If you are interested or have additional questions please contact Venita Brown at 518-473-9657.