APPR Position Statement – Updated 3/25

The following updated position statement was sent to all legislators on March 25 in response to current budget discussions –

SAANYS opposes delay of state aid increases until June.

  • WHY should schools and students be penalized by the postponement of state aid?
  • School budgets will be voted on in May – will districts know their allocation?

SAANYS opposes the establishment of a commission with binding decision making authority.

SAANYS supports the completion of an independent evaluation of the state APPR system and the establishment of a subsequent advisory committee, including educators, to consider the analysis and recommend appropriate revisions of the state system.

  • No meaningful, substantive review of the APPR system can be completed by June 2015.
  • The commission’s work should NOT be a condition for the release of state aid.

SAANYS opposes adding weight to the state growth model.

  • The calculation of scores is NOT transparent.
  • Scores have NOT been proven to accurately evaluate teachers and principals.
  • Do NOT increase reliance upon standardized tests.

SAANYS opposes reduction of Other Measures weighting and assignment of external reviewers.

  • This aspect of the APPR system works – do NOT break it!
  • Requiring external reviewers adds costs and burden; and reduces effectiveness.

 SAANYS opposes the reduction of due process rights and increasing tenure to four or five years.

  • Expedited hearings should NOT devolve to become kangaroo courts.
  • Probationary periods may NOW be extended beyond three years.