Two Updates: NYSTRS Rates and 2014 3-8 ELA and Math Test Results

This communication includes attachments containing updated information in regard to two matters:

  • NYSTRS Pension Contribution Rates — The local contribution rate is scheduled to increase by approximately .8 percent, from 16.25 percent to 17.53 percent.
  • Student Performance on the 2014 ELA and Mathematics State Assessments — Deputy Commissioner Wagner indicated that the same cut points used in 2013 were used for the 2014 administration, and the data are felt to be comparable year-to-year. Some preliminary observations follow:
    • “Significant” statewide progress was posted in mathematics (Overall 3-8 proficiency rate (i.e., scoring at levels 3 and 4) increased from 31.2 percent to 35.8 percent). Progress was achieved across all need/resource capacity groups and across all student race/ethnicity groups.
    • In mathematics, the grade-by-grade proficiency rates were: Grade 3, 42.2 percent; Grade 4, 42.6 percent; Grade 5, 40.0 percent; Grade 6, 38.1 percent; Grade 7, 32.9 percent; Grade 8, 22.2 percent. (Note: Grade 8 student performance will have been affected by students opting to take the Algebra 1 Regents examination in lieu of the Grade 8 assessment.)
    • “Slight progress” was noted in ELA (Overall 3-8 proficiency rate increased from 31.1 percent to 31.4 percent)
    • In ELA, the grade-by-grade proficiency rates were: Grade 3,31.8 percent; Grade 4,33.2 percent; Grade 5, 29.7 percent; Grade 6, 28.9 percent; Grade 7, 29.5 percent; Grade 8, 35.5 percent.

We hope that you will find this information helpful. We will continue to keep you informed. All the best. …Jim Viola

Link: GRC OCt 2014 NYSTRS Rates

File: 2014 Grades 3-8 ELAMath – final 8-13-14.pdf