2012-13 APPR Data Available August 28, 2014

The State Education Department has announced that APPR data will be posted and available on August 28, 2014. This posting of APPR data, for teachers and principals, is required under Section 3012-c(10) of Education Law. As a courtesy, we have attached a one-page slide depicting the types of data that is required to be included in the disclosure report.

We hope that you will find this information helpful. We will continue to keep you updated. All the best. …Jim Viola

Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 1:37 PM
Subject: Heads Up: 2012-13 APPR Data Available Tomorrow

Pursuant to Education Law §3012-c(10), the Department is required to publicly disclose Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) data in a manner that does not compromise the privacy of individual educators.

Although 2013-14 APPR data will not be available to the Department until later this fall, 2012-13 APPR data are available now. Final 2012-13 APPR data will be available at https://data.nysed.gov beginning the afternoon of Thursday, August 28.

For a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, please see: https://data.nysed.gov.