Sunday Vendor Luncheon Education Sessions
11:45 am-12:45 pm

 5 Steps To Productive Parent Engagement – Castle Learning
Mom and Dad need to play a key role in the academic success of their child. However, most parents do not know how to effectively engage in their child’s academic life. This session will discuss the why’s, how’s, and five keys steps to developing a parent participation plan in your district or school.

Unify Assessment, Practice and Instruction to Maximize Student Growth – Renaissance
Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time to keep up with everything? Student growth through personalized learning is a vision that every teacher has, but the reality seems out of reach. Renaissance® understands this challenge and has developed Renaissance Flow 360® to help unify products, simplify planning, and identify student mastery and growth.

Topics covered during this session include:
• Explore current research about personalized learning and the importance of deep practice
• Save time (but still differentiate) through group lesson planning
• Plan and assign practice, instruction, and formative assessment in one place
• Use reports in student goal setting, PLCs, and school improvement plans
• View student mastery at domain, standard, and skill levels
• Monitor growth

Building Capacity for Continuous Improvement Through Leadership – AdvancED
Research suggests that leadership is a leading influence on student learning; second only to classroom instruction. Effective leadership relies less on a single decision maker and more on shared goals and objectives of a team equally passionate, involved and empowered to lead the institution toward continuous improvement. This session leverages the power of collaboration among such a team with AdvancED facilitators who are experienced education leaders and skilled in the art of asking just the right probing questions. By understanding the demands faced by leaders across the institution, facilitators empower and motivate participants to uncover the true nature of their challenges, ideate solutions and discover a path to realize the institutional goals.

Blended Learning – McGraw Education
Differentiation? Individualized instruction? Is it possible for educators to truly meet the needs of diverse classroom? The answer is a resounding YES! With blended learning we can utilize an instructional delivery mode where instruction is conducted partly online and partly face-to-face with a key distinguishing factor of reduced seat time. Personalization of student learning puts the child at the center of the learning experience to create an optimal learning environment. It encompasses flexibility in space, content and learner pathways to provide a suitable environment for student success. This delivery mode is one of the fastest growing and most successful instructional models to deliver flexible learning options for today’s learners.


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