PANEL: Common Issues and Proposed Solutions for Civil Service and Essential Services Administrators
Presenters: Bettyjean Callon, Scott Andy, Daniel Betancourt, Brian O’Connor, and Mary Ross, Rochester CSD

Join us for a panel discussion of the common issues faced by Civil Service and Essential Service Administrators. Topics will be identified for breakout groups by pertinent job function or personal interest and then be presented to the group as a whole.

All In? The Impact of Mandates and Optouts on Our Teaching and Learning Communities
Presenters: James Cameron and Tim Martin, Islip CSD

Journey through Islip Middle School’s mission to develop, maintain, and improve the climate and culture of our building through the faculty and staff. We will share our experiences, research and eventual implementation of an authentic and uniquely developed climate and culture survey that has been the driving force behind our professional growth as an organization.

Trauma Informed Schools: Starting the Journey
Presenters: Joseph Fantigrossi and Jay Roscup, Lyons CSD

Participants will gain an understanding of the impact of childhood trauma, see how trauma awareness can be integrated with current intervention and instructional systems, and come away with a collection of recommended resources and practices for both systems and classroom work.

PANEL: Implementing the Brockton Model: Leadership to Serve ALL Students
Presenters: Michelle Feyerabend and Dan Erickson, Johnson City Schools

This panel, consisting of school leaders from two districts will share their experiences in implementing the Sue Szachowicz Brockton High School model that puts literacy at the center of school learning and achievement.

Are Your Teachers Planning 
for the Success of Every Child?
Presenters: Tamara Jones and Doc Watson, Right Reason Technologies

Are teachers planning for the success of every child? Studies indicate that just three years of planned highly effective instruction allow students to make average gains 35 ̶ 50 percentile points. Participants will take away an assessment inventory tool, tools to align curriculum and assessment and planning templates for data informed instruction.

Redefining the Student Experience
 with a Digital Learning Environment
Presenter: Leah McConaughey, Apple

Sixty five percent of our current students will have jobs that do not yet exist. How must schools respond to this ever-changing nature of learning, and how can technology support their transformation? What performance-based, authentic experiences must our students engage with in order to adequately prepare them for their future? This session will renew your vision for how to leverage technology to not only enhance, but redefine what your students are able to achieve.

The Art of Parent Engagement:
 A Toolkit for Educators of “At-Risk” Youth
Presenters: Turina Parker, Linda Fragale, and Sarah Mattarazzo, WSWHE BOCES

When dealing with students on the margins in your school, how are you reaching their parents? Improving parent involvement, particularly among at-risk populations, can be one of the more challenging tasks facing schools. In this presentation we will help you imagine and develop creative ways to get parents involved in a partnership that benefits everyone.

PANEL: Meet Three New Authors
Presenters: Andrew Marotta, Port Jarvis; Oliver Robinson, Shenendehowa; and John McKenna, Tonawanda CSD

Your author colleagues will share three recent books: Confronting Oppressive Assessments: How Parents, Educators, and Policymakers Are Rethinking Current Educational Reforms (Dr. John McKenna) Naked in the Public Eye: Leading and Learning in an Era of Accountability (Dr. Oliver Robinson) THE PRINCIPAL: Surviving and Thriving: 125 Points of Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Relatable Stories for all School Principals (Andrew Marotta)

Artful Teacher Assessment
Presenters: Charles Smilinich and Thomas Knab, Williamsville CSD

This presentation will focus on the “look-fors” of observing the school art teacher and also determining teacher effectiveness borrowing from various evaluation frameworks. This session aims to demystify art room processes and share concepts pertinent to this subject area.

The Road to Cultural Proficiency:
 One District’s Journey
Presenters: Rachel Stead and Lisa Kissinger, Shenendehowa CSD

This workshop will describe a multi-year initiative at Shenendehowa CSD to develop cultural proficiency among all staff. Presenters will share resources used to explore topics such as culture, implicit bias, privilege, and the achievement gap. A framework for evaluating cultural proficiency will be shared.

Leadership Actions for Highly Effective Co-teaching Teams in All In Classrooms
Presenters: Dean Goewey and Linda Stummer, Oswego CSD

This presentation will connect current research in leadership and successful integrated co-teaching models. Participants will leave with a toolbox of visual frameworks that are essential for guiding co-teaching teams and current research on best practices.

Data Driven Decision Making: A Total Quality Leadership Approach for Transportation, Facility, and School
Nurse Leaders
Presenter: Al Karam, Shenedehowa CSD

This workshop will focus on the utilization of data to make informed decisions relative to managers/supervisors in school bus transportation, grounds & maintenance, and food service in school districts. Principles of Total Quality Leadership/Management (TQL/M) and tools to collect data and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) will be addressed in the discussion.

Creating An Equal Opportunity High School “One Student at a Time”
Presenters: John Kenny and Jennifer Alaimo, Sewanhaka CSD

The presentation will include strategies and programs created that were introduced to students and staff to address the changing climate in our school. The presentation will include simple data analysis and statistics based on the inception of student programs and faculty workshops. Video clips from students will be included within the presentation.

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All Aboard! Navigating the Seas of
 Buy In and Collaboration
Presenter: Jamie Sweeney, Carthage CSD

Are there great things happening in pockets that you wish would happen throughout the building or district? In this session, we are ALL IN to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of getting staff to learn, connect and build momentum to make great things happen for students!

Beating the Odds; Building Opportunities – Boosting the Achievement of Economically Disadvantaged Students
Presenters: John McKenna and Manya Bouteneff, Tonawanda CSD

Research on strategies, activities, and mindsets implemented by schools successful with students in poverty will be reviewed, with a focus on what’s working in Tonawanda schools.

21st Century, Student Centered Education in Action
Presenter: Lynn Rhone, Romulus CSD

Personalized Learning, Focused Learning, Student Centered Instruction: Regardless of what you call it, learn how one district is transforming learning for all students and dismantling outdated siloed models. See how Romulus is creating dritical thinkers empowered to embrace the challenges of school, community and world.

Two Part Workshop:
Part 1: Taking Professional Practice to the New Level with Video
Presenters: Thomas Schulte and Jim Thompson, WNY Tech Academy
Education, like sports, is a performance profession. Learn how video can be used as a collaborative tool by school leaders and instructional coaches to transform professional practice.
Part 2: Student Techsperts in Action
Presenters: Cesar Marchioli and Jill Santoro, Lancaster CSD
Learn about a program where students are using their technological prowess to assist the school community with tech needs through volunteer and paid internship opportunities.

“Climate” Change is Not a Hoax
Presenters: Susan Sloma, Mark Pitterson, Annette Landry, and Tim Mundell, Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD

Many small rural schools face issues such as rural poverty, mental health concerns, high staff turnover, and low test scores. This team transformed the culture through an “All In: Lead with the Heart” philosophy through   initiatives such as changes in the master schedules, inclusion, PLC’s, a county funded mental health clinic, an agricultural science program, and more. The outcome: highly engaged students in the classrooms.

Legal and Legislative Update
Presenter: Cindy Gallagher, SAANYS

PANEL: Follow Up Discussion with
 Luvelle Brown and the Ithaca Team

1:30 pm – Conclusion
 – Boxed lunches to go

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