Group Mentor Coaching



Why group coaching?

Unlike individual mentoring, a Professional Growth Circle (PGC) has the benefit of the experience and support of colleagues in addition to that of the facilitator mentor coach. Sharing successes and problems of practice with colleagues from other districts and experiences provides both the guidance of the facilitator and the benefit of the group members who act as success partners to provide feedback, support, and encouragement to one another. The Circle goal is for each member to build his or her leadership capacity by identifying strengths and delving into concrete, day-to-day challenges that arise in the work setting. Skillful group mentor coaching taps into the combined talent and expertise of each individual for the benefit of all.

ALL Professional Growth Circle mentors are school leaders with extensive experience who have been trained using the Karla Reiss Leadership Coaching for Educators as a framework and are certified by SAANYS.

  • PGCs will run over the course of the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Groups need a minimum of four and a maximum of six attendees to form.
  • Trained mentors are available in every region of New York State.
  • Cost: The cost to join a Circle per attendee is $1,500 for a SAANYS member and $1,800 for a non-member.
  • Additional discount is available if 4 or more participants sign up from one district

Districts could choose to use this to satisfy first year mentoring requirements for administrators holding an initial SBL certificate. All participants receive a certificate of mentorship completion. CTLE credit is also available upon request.

Each Professional Growth Circle will feature:

  • Four individual one hour sessions
  • 1:1 with the mentor
  • Eight 90-minute group sessions at convenient times and locations determined by the group
  • The book Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath
  • Optional but available online support


*elccolorsmA program of the Educational Learning Corporation (ELC). Please make all check payable to ELC.

For more information, contact Karen Bronson, Director of Professional Development, at 518-782-0600 or