Region 7

Serving Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, and Essex counties.

graduationCapSAANYS Region 7 Scholarships

The process for awarding the SAANYS Region 7 Scholarships has changed for this year. Scholarships will be awarded to the children of current members of SAANYS. Each scholarship award will be at least $150. Details regarding the scholarship are on the form. Click here to download the application form.  Application Deadline: May 5, 2017

SAANYS Takes the Lead on APPR

SAANYS is providing members with a number of resources for navigating and negotiating the new APPR. Be sure to contact SAANYS with any questions or concerns about APPR and your negotiations – the SAANYS team of attorneys and experienced staff are up-to-date on what you need to know during this complex time.

The link below is to our  SAANYS APPR §3012-D: NEGOTIATION RESOURCE PACKET. This document contains important information for consideration when entering contract negotiations. Units are encouraged to review, proceed with caution, and call SAANYS with any questions or concerns. Click here to download packet.

Regional Structure

SAANYS’ Region 7 executive committee serves members in Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, and Essex counties. Under the leadership of the regional chairperson, elected committee members provide collegial support for administrators and administrative units in the region. Your regional representatives are your local contact for state-level representation and coordination of services.

Region 7  Contacts

Name: Susan Hirst
Title: *Regional Representative

Name: Joanna Valente Orr
Title: *Regional Representative
Phone: 518-324-7968

Name: Andrea Miller
Title: Board Member
Phone: 315-493-5000

Name: Kevin Hulbert
Title: Board Member
Phone: 518-566-1730

Name: Lori Tourville
Title: Regional Chair
Phone: 518-594-7260

Name: Ron Wilson 
Title: Retiree Advisory Board – Chair
Phone: 518-834-5104

Name: Carrie Zales 
Title: Government Relations Committee
Phone: 518-957-6005